In today's episode of Kidz Pow3r, we interview Abby Walz


“You can do it . . its just not going to be Easy!”

In today’s episode of Kidz Pow3r, we interview Youtuber Abby Walz. 

Abby Walz – an amazing 10-year-old girl who is visually impaired and has developed a YouTube channel to teach people about assistive devices for visually impaired people – and about life in general. She even gave a great demonstration of her computer Braillenote touch during our interview.

She was once watching youtube with her dad when she discovered a youtube channel that creates content for the blind. The channel really inspired her to create a channel of her own. 

She was recently interviewed by CBC.

When asked of being camera conscious, she says that she comes off naturally in front of the camera for some videos while she has to prepare notes for some. 

She has two instructors who teach her O&M(orientation and movement) and Braille.   Her dream is to get her youtube channel to 1000 subscribers and have a bigger impact on the world.

Abby also has an online store with handmade goods at You can check out her online store at  The money she makes from the store is split with 50% to funding her assistive devices and 50%  donation to the CNIB

Besides Youtube, she loves listening to audiobooks, creating clay creatures, jumping on her trampoline and talking to her friends. 

Her advice for kids who want to get success in their life is “It’s not gonna be easy and you have to put in the time to achieve it”

You can find this amazing young girl on Youtube “Through the eyes of Abby



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