In today's episode, 12-year old William Forbes shares his journey and learnings that he gained from his extraordinary singing talents.

If music is your thing, make the world dance to your rhythm.

William was raised by an athlete father and a singer mother who push him every day to reach his goals which are to become either a professional singer or hockey player.

William has been an active part of singing competitions and performs at weddings to showcase his magnificent voice to the world.

For anyone who’s just starting out singing or is trying to gain success, the words from his mouth come as the pearl to success.

William advises and himself practices to have lessons once a week from a teacher. He practices every day to increase his skillset.

Having performed in major contests such as the Rising Star, getting stage fright is a common issue. William’s advice to combat it is to simply breathe and ignore the huge crowd in front of you. He feels that seeing negative expressions in the audience could lay you off.

Here is a video of William from his YouTube Channel

William feels singing helps him to pass his time, improves his skillset, and also makes him happy as a person.

Taking the inspiration of his mom who never fails to miss her daily singing practice, William advises upcoming singers to keep practicing their skills and have faith at the same time that this practice will yield results.

One tip of early success that William mentioned is to learn from a mentor. He says that learning from a mentor will accelerate your learning curve and you will become a better singer early.

Leaving us with a funny note, William said that if you’re at a competition a judge looks at you in a weird way, it’s because they’re old and probably are trying hard to just focus on you. The younger ones won’t do it. So ignore it.

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