I was super happy to have Lucas Ayranto on the 2nd edition of the KidZ Pow3r podcast. Lucas is making progress as a Dancer, attending the National Ballet School of Canada.

In today’s episode of Kidz Pow3r, we interviewed Lucas Ayranto who’s making great progress in Ballet.

Lucas is currently studying at the Canadian National Ballet School managing to bag in 4-6 hours of academic study and 4-6 hours of ballet, making for days as long as 12 hours.

Lucas has performed in over 50 competitions across Canada and aspires to become a professional Ballet dancer or an Architect in the future.

His interest in Ballet originated after watching his sister getting a lot of trophies and awards home! In the beginning, it was all about winning trophies for him, but now, Ballet gives true joy to Lucas.

Here are the few tips Lucas gave for aspiring ballet dancers:

  1. Take your time: Ballet isn’t something you master in a month, it takes time to reach your potential and master the craft. It personally took 3 years for Lucas to reach a “decent” level.
  2. Warm-up before practice. Perform light stretches to get that blood flowing.
  3. It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy/girl or any gender. Anyone can do ballet who puts in the work goes through the training and keeps at it.
  4. Enjoy the process 🙂

Lucas says ballet has helped him stay fit, it lets him stay creative, and it helps him enjoy his life even more.

If you want to become like Lucas, keep going!


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