In today's episode of Kidz Pow3r, we interview Gwen McLeod


“I look up to everyone who’s better than me”

In today’s episode of Kidz Pow3r, we interview speed skating champion Gwen Mcleod.  Gwen is making great progress as an athlete in speed skating.  She is a super cool person and I had a great time with this interview. 

Gwen started speed skating at the age of seven when her friend introduced her to the sport. Prior to that, she was a hockey player so it helped her in speed skating.

She currently practices at the Toronto speed skating club.

Gwen loves competing in state competitions in Ontario. The competition season lasts from November to March averaging one competition every month.

The memory she most cherishes is when she went for her first competitive tournament and won second place. It helped her gain confidence in her skills!

Her advice to kids who want to achieve great heights in speed skating is to have the perseverance to build the right techniques. It is the techniques that will take you long but it takes time to develops.

Gwen is a member of Team Ontario for the Canadian East Youth Short Track Championships

Gwen has two coaches who have a different style of playing so she gets the best of them both. She’s constantly changing coaches to learn new techniques, skills, and strategies from her mentors.

But like every person, Gwen has her own share of feeling nervous and anxious before a competition. She tries to shake her body and talk to people to get that stress out.

Gwen’s internal inspiration comes from her Dad because she feels that he enjoys what Gwen’s enjoying and that’s very cute.

“Focus on your progress and focus on the things you’re trying to get better at, forget everything else”


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