Kids are always excited about their summer break because they get to rest and relax. However, children find themselves doing the same thing – watching TV, lying around the house, playing indoors or outdoors, complaining about being bored, and searching for something different to do.

12 Creative Ways Kids Can Earn Money This Summer

Kids are always excited about their summer break because they get to rest and relax. However, children find themselves doing the same thing – watching TV, lying around the house, playing indoors or outdoors, complaining about being bored, and searching for something different to do.

It will not take long before they request a ride around the city and allowances. They would also want to make extra money to buy sweets, new toys, clothes, etc. It helps them ignite their creativity. They can put their imaginations at work to come up with a way to earn money quickly.

Now that we are in the age of technology, kids have various options to earn extra cash. One best way is for them to channel their inner entrepreneur. It teaches them how to use their strengths and potential to achieve their goals and the value of hard work.  

If you and your kids need some ideas on what type of things they can do, here are 12 ways kids can earn money this summer.

  1. Have a Lemonade Stand

Having a lemonade stand is one of the first things your kids can think of when they are looking for ways to generate income/ money. They can run it on their own. They can choose the business name, promote their business, serve the clients, and earn cash! 

All they need to begin with is a pitcher of water, lemonade packets/ freshly squeezed lemon juice, plastic or paper cups, tables, and chairs. Your kids need to set it up in an area with high foot traffic or a place visible to those driving by. You can help your kids think of unique gimmicks on how to get more attention and attract the crowd to check their lemonade stand. They can also sell bottles of juice, soda, and water that are also ideal during summer.

Guide them and give them pointers to learn the ins and outs of running a business. Having a lemonade stand teaches the kids the basics of having a product-oriented business that involves customer service, cost management, inventory control, and advertising. 

  1. Assign Chores Around the House

Involve your kids in household chores that take up most of your time. It can increase your productivity around the house. You can make a chore chart with a specific task you know they can do. Offer to pay them a specific monetary value for each chore. They can get their pay every week.

Your kids can do daily house chores like washing the dishes, cleaning and vacuuming the house, folding the laundry, and taking out the trash. It can also be one-time projects such as cleaning the attic, garage, or basement.

  1. Arrange a Garage Sale

Your kids may have lots of clothes that no longer fit them or toys they no longer play with that can be cleaned out. Arrange a garage sale where your kids can sell their stuff. Have them go through the clothes they do not wear anymore and toys they do not play with anymore. To make their garage sale more successful, you may also go through your stuff and sell some things you no longer use.

This activity helps in developing your children’s project management skills. It also cleans out the house, giving the whole family their much-needed space where they can bond more. They also get to earn more cash during the summer break.

  1. Set Up a Car Wash

A great way to keep your kids away from their gadgets is by setting up a car wash. Encourage them to go out, get exposed to sunlight, and exercise while earning money. Your kids can wash your car or your neighbor’s car.

Support your children’s car wash business by investing in some equipment like soaps, buckets, sponges, rags, and towels. They can also go around the neighborhood to promote their services. Putting it up near a grocery store, a busy street, or near other establishments is an ideal way to start. Having a sign will get the attention of people driving by. 

  1. Offer Pet Care Services

Caring for pets is a top priority for any family. During the summer break, families go on vacations or have a schedule that makes it difficult for them to take care of their pets. Your kids can offer pet care services for family, friends, or others. It teaches your child how to take responsibility.

Owners are willing to pay to get the help they need when they are away from home. Depending on their age, kids may feed, wash, or take the pets outside for a walk. Pet care services are a fun task that your kids can enjoy while earning extra money.

  1. Organize a Bake Sale

Do you have kids who loves to bake? They can earn extra money and improve their skills in the kitchen by having a bake sale. Kids can sell their baked goods like cookies, brownies, or cupcakes, etc. You can help your kids in pricing each baked good that they sell.

Having a booth within your neighborhood, at a farmer’s market, at a business fair, or a craft show is a great way to start a booming small business. A table full of delicious and freshly made goods will attract a crowd, for sure!

  1. Sell Arts and Crafts

If you have kids who love arts and crafts, selling their work can help them earn extra cash. Their products can be handmade necklaces, bracelets, keychains, paintings, clay statues or creations, or anything they want to make. Selling their crafts also helps your kids to channel their inner creative self. 

Invest in your kids by giving them supplies, to begin with, a few craft projects. Assist them in pricing their goods so that it covers the cost of making them. Your children can sell their crafts at your local flea market, fairs, and via Etsy. Help them in creating their very own Etsy shop. Be hands-on in setting up their online shop. You are teaching your children to be an entrepreneur while they are still young!

  1. Offer Babysitting Services

Parents, especially Mom’s deserve days where they can rest and relax. If you have kids that are good with younger kids, they can consider babysitting. They can earn extra cash during their free time. You can help them by sharing the word with your family, friends, neighbors, or acquaintances. Teach your kids the best practices and things they should know when taking care of younger kids and how to take care of a home when the parents are away. 

  1. Provide Lawn Mowing Services

A classic way of earning money that your children can do is to mow lawns. They just need weed wicker and a lawnmower to begin. Teach them how to promote their services to the entire neighborhood. Your neighbors are their potential customers.

Your children can also walk around your area and knock-on doors to let them know of their lawn moving service. They can also post and hand-out flyers. These are very useful since clients can contact them to avail of your kid’s services. 

  1. Be a Camp Counselor

If you have kids who likes to join summer camps, then they can take this opportunity to become a camp counselor. They will have lots of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, work with young kids, and learn how they can be a mentor even at their young age.  

  1. Run Errands

Going to the grocery store, buying food, and handling the laundry and dry cleaning are some of the errands your children can do for others. For parents, time is money when they have busy schedules. It’s is the reason why adults hire young ones to do errands for them. Your children can create flyers or posters that they can distribute within your area. It’s an ideal tool for promoting and marketing their services.

  1. Tutor Others

If your kids are good at certain subjects, they can turn their knowledge into an income opportunity. They can tutor kids in their class that is struggling with topics that they are excel in. Does your child excel in writing, math, science, or other subjects? Your children can earn extra cash while improving their skills and helping others.

As a parent, you can help them out by getting the word out there so that more people are aware of your kid’s tutoring services. It helps them get more potential clients. They can also approach their school or classmates regarding the help they can offer.

To Sum Up

Whether your kids are six or twelve, whatever their age is, they have various options on what they can do this summer. Nowadays, your kids can earn extra money without having to slave themselves at a minimum wage job that they do not like. During their summer vacation, children can learn how to make money on their own and how to be independent. They will also learn to value working for what they have, need, or want. Kids learn new skills and develop their talents during their job hunting, business making, and when working to earn money.

How have your kids earned money during the summer? Share below your ideas on how kids can make extra cash.


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